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Paripoorna Ayurveda Medical College bams admission

Sri Paripoorna Ayurveda Medical College Bangalore BAMS Course is wholly dedicated towards ayurvedic medicine. We have an independent unit for diagnostic to serve the patients. We believe in the Ayurvedic way of treating diseases, hence offer the best education to the students who are interested in learning Ayurveda courses in our college. Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery is the course provided in our institute. The students gain complete knowledge of Ayurveda. The course duration is 5 years plus 6 months of internship. We have set standards norms in the field of medical education. The center offers a world-class undergraduate course to the aspiring students. It covers medicine, physiology, medicine, preventive medicine, pharmacology, toxicology, and others. After completion, of course, they can practice M.S course and also perform research activities. Fees will be collected based on marks scored in academics and NEET exams. The importance is given to students to help them develop the necessary skills related to ayurveda. This will enhance their knowledge in their future.

Paripoorna Ayurveda Medical college
Paripoorna Ayurveda Medical College admission
Paripoorna Ayurveda Medical College bams admission

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