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after hasing been refitted

So after the unmanned machine discovers the guided missile that surrounds to come over on all sides, it computed both parties' distance, then quickly shot two aims 120 air-to-air missiles.Under the guide of quantum radar, these two aims 120 air-to-air missile facing east full speeds fly to, just more than ten seconds after, shot two guided missiles of right ahead flight.
    Four guided missiles are in the sky malicious to bump shot, light of fire start to explode to cover with, then perish together.Over there in two wreckages that strike guided missile, the quantum radar discovered in great quantities to splash everywhere of ball bearing bullet, these guided missiles are indeed as expected specialized for dealing with the ball bearing guided missile that the unmanned mechanism builds out.However the ball bearing guided missile at this time is apart from unmanned machine to still have far more than 20 kilometerses, and these ball bearing bullet not be on their own initiative played to project come of, so they basically didn't bring any injury to unmanned machine.
    The unmanned machine is this guided missile attack, rapid of break open an indentation in the ball bearing guided missile ring of encirclement that didn't°yet gather together, then it 1 accelerate, flew to go out from this indentation.
    The tallest speed of the unmanned machine comes to an a triple velocity, wooden shutters blinds its this acceleration it may be said is lightning fast, quickly left just of ring of encirclement.However those ball bearing guided missile also not is save an oily light, their in place ahead a turn, start making track for unmanned machine to run about wildly but go to.These ball bearing guided missiles are refitted since then by the antiair guided missile of rice soldier of, if don't carry on a ball bearing reformation, their nature can catch up unmanned machine.But after carrying on and refitting, because weight and center of gravity change, it makes the function of antiair guided missile take place huge variety, cause their airspeeds' significantly lowering, basically make track for don't ascend to escape by triple velocity of unmanned machine.
    See and the distance of of unmanned machine more and more far, these ball bearing guided missile can choose from explode, go out the ball bearing bullet blast-off of warhead part.The just unmanned machine has already kept off their ring of encirclements, these ball bearings bullets that spread all over the whole of sky didn't result in any influence on unmanned machine.
    A get away from after death making track for of ball bearing guided missile shot, the unmanned machine releases hand and foot, it pulls to heat up a degree by the quickest speed, very quick fly up 30000 meters high empty, then with the ocean of the high-speed facing east of triple velocity up fly.
    Then the quantum radar spread a warning and again flew up to more than 40 guided missiles on the ground, in the scanning of quantum radar, Yan's flying shape and ball bearing guided missile of discovering these guided missiles are to resemble very much Plantation shutters, know that this is another scheme to surround his/her own ball bearing guided missile again.However the unmanned machine has already flown up 30000 meters are high empty, these are originally the tallest artillery range of the guided missile of antiair guided missile also just 30000 meters, so this antiair guided missile destine to attackstone unmanned machine.
    Indeed as expected, these antiair guided missile after hasing been refitted, not only the speed lowers, is a flight level to also significantly shrink, these ball bearing guided missiles fly to empress in 25000 meters and then can not pull to rise upward any further, helpless under in succession from explode.However at this high occurrence from explode, they release of cover with ball bearing bullet basically attack don't arrive the unmanned machine of the top of head 5000 meters place at them.
    After once hiding the attack of this ball bearing guided missile, unmanned machine's being apart from the seaside has been not far, as long as the unmanned machine returns to ocean up, it sneaks in water bottom, can get away from the attack of the other people to it right away.However at this time, suddenly fly up to 5 guided missiles on the ground, the speed of this 5 guided missiles is the quickest, at under the probing into of quantum radar, the Yan flies and discovers that their speed incredibly comes to a 8 times velocities of terror.

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