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Big3 category accuses bus charter and rental connected with adjusting

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This shirt is so cute and comfy! I can't wait to buy more in different colors!
   Andrea Mndz
They are about a year old and still fit well
   Daed Kadoura
My son likes nfl football.  He is at that age where he enjoys dressing up like his gridiron heroes and pretending to throw the game winning pass in his backyard superbowl.  I like giving him things to make him happy.  Since I can't afford a "real" broncos helmet or an "authentic" replica jersey, this youth helmet and jersey set was a great deal.  The helmet looks great on my kids head or on his bookshelf, and the jersey - though not a replica jersey at all - looks okay enough that my son is happy with it.
Great nfl set at a great price.  I'd recommend it to other parents with a backyard nfl player!
   Houssem Bouzaiene
good transaction..Nice sheet...
   Victor Luis Cuc Caal
My kid is only three, so I was hoping he could grow into it eventually, and it fit about how I expected. It will probably fit an eight if they aren't too big. I'm 4'11 and could put it on, although it was tight and short on me. I was also able to fit the helmet. My toddler loves the helmet even though it's a little big for him. Great for playing dress up or maybe a Halloween costume. The shirt is the material of a mesh pinny and the helmet is light plastic.
   Rosa Moreno

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