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Ethelyn Limen
   I have had several pairs over the years, and have always been pleased with the quality and comfort of these shorts. I just tossed out a pair that I have had for over 5 years because the waistband finally gave out.  For the price, I love them.  They are soft and fit great.
Melanie Palmer
   Received my washing machine coupler sold by PANDORA'S OEM , the brand name that came was manufactured by "Jason" , its not what I expected but I put it on and it works great so far,  My washer is more quiet and the clothes comes out from the washer much lighter, I guess befire the washer was not spinning fast enough to get all the water out, So a symptom this part is worn out is clothes that are seem to heavy after they are washed, also before changing the part I would complain that the washer was  so loud. Now it it relatively quiet again. Great $4.00 spent
Michael Mudget
   arrived as promised

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