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Make sure you consult with the physical consultant

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If looking for fitted fit then order same as regular shirt size but if looking for a comfortable loose fit then order a size up.
Material is good quality but had to return due to the fit. Was easy to return and get a refund.
   Rasmus Overmark
My pup looked great fit great.
   Mohammed Tashfeen
The clothes steamer is portable size, a little bit larger than the coffee mugs. Very convenient if you use it for T shirt or summer shirts. If you are looking for a steamer for wool coat and sweater, this may not be your choice, but if you're looking for something simple and quick, this is the one!
   La'Shay Jones Diggs
Great product listing!  The item description showed exactly what the product was and left me with no questions.  When I received my jersey it looked and fit exactly as expected.
   Mary Joanne Mayao
Good for Seniors who need  shorts that are easy to  wear.  They are nice looking.
   Khaled Nahla

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